In the fall of 1999, Sharon Baptist Church of Benton, AR sent Tim Reynolds to Mercer County in hopes of planting a church.  For the first 5 years, the congregation met in a store front locally in Mercer, PA until land was bought south of town on Hwy. 258.  Construction began in 2004 with financial help from our sending church and the building was completed in the Spring of 2005.  The church met in the new building for the first time on Memorial Day weekend in 2005.  Later that year, due to health reasons, Pastor Reynolds had to leave the field.  Pastor Scott Bates and family arrived on the field in January 2006 to finish organizing the work.  The 7 year plan to pay off the mortgage note turned into a 5 year plan and by 2011, the church was debt free and financially on its own two feet.  During the weekend celebration entitled "We're Just Getting Started" in September of 2012, Mercer Baptist Church officially called Pastor Bates to be their pastor, burned their mortgage note and thanked God for His faithfulness in getting this church off the ground.  

That's our history but that isn't where we remain.  It's a new day at Mercer Baptist! 

We are excited for the newest phase of God's work through Mercer Baptist. We are experiencing God's graciousness as we strive to be a church that focuses on (1) earnest prayer, (2) the preaching of the Gospel, (3) healthy families with strong marriages, (4) sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with all, and (5) living life together through authentic discipleship. 

We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, and we are full of excitement for what God has in store. With thankfulness for all that has happened, we keep our noses to the grindstone, praying, working, learning, and growing to become a church that shares Jesus with Mercer County and the world!