Alex DiMatteo


Alex and his family just recently joined our church family in January 2021. Although he has been too busy hanging out with people to let us get a current photo of him for this page, we can still tell you a bit about him.

He and his wife Katey are from Texas and have three young children. They enjoy spending time with people. Katey loves to cook and Alex has the spiritual gift of hanging out. As a family, they delight in games, fellowship, movies, food, nutrition, and just overall enjoying life as it comes. 

Alex enjoys preaching the Word of God and spending time with people (as if we haven't said that enough already). He has a heart for sharing the Gospel with people. His hobbies include coin collecting, shooting firearms, telling jokes, and eating his wife's cooking. He placed his faith in Christ as a freshman in college. He spent five years in Texas playing football and getting his undergrad in Criminal Justice. He moved up to Schenectady, New York to obtain his Masters in Divinity at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (a bit of a mouthful). Currently, to everyones' surprise but God's, Alex was accepted into the PhD program at Mid-America Baptist in Memphis. He is double majoring in Practical Theology and Education. So pray for him.