Truth:  God's word, the Bible, is the basis for our doctrinal beliefs, worldview, and ministry plan.  We will preach truth, defend truth, and proclaim truth.

People:  Real love is the foundation for real fellowship and community.  The presence of Christ among His people should be evident in our love for each other.

God's Glory:  The church must be a place where we are humbled, Christ is exalted, and God is glorified.  The church exists to bring glory to God and to be a place where prayer, encouragement, healing, and personal growth takes place.

Prayer:  Prayer is God's way of communication with us.  Christians are only as strong as their prayer life, and so is the Church. We desire to make prayer a cornerstone of Mercer Baptist. It is also our aim to see individuals and families making prayer a vital part of their daily lives.

Families:  The family is the basis of our society and the church.  A strong church must have strong families.

The Great Commission:  We are committed to obeying the Great Commission locally, nationally, and internationally. We are striving to make Jesus Christ's last command our first obedience. 

Leadership Development:  We will pray for leaders to emerge, prepare leaders for ministry and propel leaders into ministry.

Change:  We reserve the right to try and fail until we get it right!

Our Vision

We dream of a church that could be...should be...must be...

A BODYof people united by faith under the leadership of Christ who serve Him,each other and their community with their time, gifts and talents.

A TEMPLE - filled with holy and passionate worshippers who see worship as a way of life and not just a weekly gathering.

LIGHT & SALT - The church is a people who can influence and illuminate this world with the gospel, their character and good works.

AN ARMY - of dedicated prayer warriors who know that Satan is our enemy, our weapon is the word of God and prayer is our first and best strategy.

A FAMILY - where people can find belonging, love, accountability and encouragement. 

A TEACHER - who produces mature disciples capable of making more disciples.

A FLOCK - led by able and Spiritually qualified leaders who exercise their gifts and execute their calling as pastors or elders.  Servant leadership is the model.

A MISSIONARY - where every member is a missionary and our field is the world beginning with our own homes and extending to the ends of the globe.